Snowmobile Tour to the Arctic Loon Secluded Cabin 

$250-350 per person plus GST

Drive a snowmobile to the cabin  and back for about 1 hour travel time each way.   By the fireside you can enjoy a light lunch of soup and bread and hot chocolate, hot apple or an herbal tea!  Tour time 3.5 hours

Remote Arctic Loon Cabin 

This remote cabin is a destination for dog  sledding, snowmobiling or snowshoeing tours, either as a day cabin or  for overnight lodging with guides, but is not available as a rental on  its own.  The cabin is large enough to accommodate 6-8 people in 3  bedrooms and a loft.  Although this cabin is totally off the grid it is  comfortable and cozy.  The kitchen  has propane appliances and lamps.   We also use candles and portable battery-powered lanterns for lighting.   There is an inside toilet and an outdoor hot tub and the cabin is  heated primarily with two wood stoves and a backup oil heater.   


Snowmobile Day Trips to see the Reindeer Herd 

$500-$650   per person plus GST    

Come  with us on an exciting Arctic adventure to visit the spectacular Canadian Reindeer Herd in their winter grazing area.  For this tour you will need to be very warmly dressed!  You will travel in a vehicle to the trail head and then drive a snowmobile on this guided tour to the area where these animals spend the winter.  We will have a hot lunch around a campfire next  to the herd.  This tour is also available as a Helicopter tour for $750-$1500.


Stay warm while you Play in the Snow

Snowmobile Gear

We provide outer snowmobile gear  but please bring your own warm layers to wear underneath. Our parkas  are top quality SKOOKUM BRAND anoraks, beautifully designed and made in  the north.  These anoraks layer well over your down jacket and other  layers.   We will also put you into a pair of our fabulous STEGER MUKLUKS and some really warm beaver mitts and snow pants.   If you are dog sledding or snowmobiling here for a week or so you might want to order  your own mukluks from and take them home after your  adventures in the north.   If you want to wear your own snow boots they must be rated to at least -80C or -100C.  The number  is just an insulation rating, not a temperature rating.  The -35C boots are not  warm enough for even slightly cold temperatures.   We recommend that you purchase several packs of  hand and toe warmers such as HOT SHOTS or GRABBERS which you can  purchase in sport stores and other places.  We also have them here for  sale for $5 a pair.  You will need at least two pairs of warm socks with  wool in them - preferably a thin and a thicker pair to wear inside your  boots.  You can sandwich your toe warmers between your sock layers  before the start of your tour.