The Inuvik Tuktoyaktuk Highway is open!


Winter is a great time to visit and see the Arctic in it's glory.  We offer many activities that you can enjoy in this wild and wonderful place above the Arctic Circle.  These activities include dog sledding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling, aurora viewing, driving on the ice road, a cultural village tour of Tuktoyaktuk, a helicopter tour, a tour to see the Canadian Reindeer Herd and a chance to celebrate the return of the sun at the Sunrise Festival in January following the dark days. 

You can now drive the new Inuvik Tuk highway connecting Canada coast to coast to coast!  Drive it yourself in one of our rentals or let us drive you there with an interpretive tour guide on an interesting tour that includes a a home visit and a traditional Inuvialuit lunch in Tuk.  This winter drive is magical and the road is clean and in much better driving condition than summertime.

Note:  It is unlikely that you will see the reindeer herd from the highway as these animals are kept away from the road to avoid poaching.  If you would like to see the reindeer we can take you to the herd.


Trips to see the Reindeer Herd 

$500   Group rate per person plus GST

$650   Per person for 2 people 


Come  with us on an exciting Arctic adventure to visit the spectacular Canadian Reindeer Herd in their winter grazing area.  For this tour you will need to be very warmly dressed!  Each person will be driving a snowmobile part way on this guided tour to the beautiful Arctic tundra where these animals spend the winter.  This tour is about 4 hours.  We will have a hot lunch outside around a campfire.  We will drive you up to the tundra in a warm vehicle and then snowmobile  to the herd.  Arctic trails can at times be somewhat challenging in cold and windy conditions and weather patterns can change.  Check out the information below about  the snowmobiling gear that is required.  This tour is also available as a Helicopter tour.

NOTE:  The Husky Adventure Package can also be done by Snowmobile instead of using dog teams.


Helicopter to the Reindeer

Fly to the Herd

Price is $820-1,025 per person based on four to five people 

for 1.5 hours of flying.


Ice Road Tour to Aklavik

$450 per person

Half-day Trip

Enjoy traveling with an experienced driver on an official ice highway like you've never done before!  This is truly a unique trip of a lifetime.  You will drive through some scenic little river channels and right across the main channel of the Mackenzie River to the little town of Aklavik which was the birthplace of Inuvik, a picturesque little town with a backdrop of the beautiful Richardson Mountains.  This is also the place where the famous Mad Trapper of Rat River is buried.  Bring along a lunch or buy some rather expensive food items at the little grocery store.  


2020 Aurora Viewing & Sunrise Festival


$995 per person plus GST
 January 3-6, 2020 

Experience the Arctic Polar night and then the first sunrise!  This is a very special time of the year.

Airport shuttle Check into a cozy full-service cabin 1.5 km away from the 

Inuvik city lights.                                                                 
1-hr dog sled with the White Huskies or take a snowmobile tour - Drive your own dog team or snowmobile through a winter wonderland! Courtesy vehicle provided for town use.   Attend opening ceremonies of the Sunrise Festival in the evening.  Watch for northern lights if skies are clear day and night.      


Attend the Sunrise Festival with a courtesy vehicle and enjoy a pancake breakfast.
Visit the ice village                      
6 pm Bonfire
7 pm Fireworks.  These are spectacular!
Option:  You can arrange on Friday to rent a car to drive to Tuktoyaktuk
and the Arctic Ocean on Saturday.   Rental is about $250 in total for this day trip.   

Sunrise Festival pancake breakfast                                                         
Afternoon: Ice road tour 
Courtesy vehicle provided for town use only

Morning walk with the puppies, snowshoeing or go shopping in town                                                
Check-out & Airport shuttle 1.5 hours before your flight
Note:  You can add on extra nights accommodations if you like and do more tours.


What's included?


What’s included in this package is:   accommodations for 3 nights, dog sled or snowmobile tour, ice road tour, snowshoes, winter parka, snow pants and mukluks, airport shuttles, courtesy car for going to town. *Food and meals are not included, but your cabin has a kitchenette with dishes and cookware.   

Tips on how to prepare for Fun in the Cold

We  recommend that you bring a warm hat & a neck warmer, long johns,  fleece wear, sweaters and jackets that you normally use where you live  (unless you come from Australia)!   Wool, fleece and down work really  well in the cold.  Layers are the best!  If you have winter snow boots  bring them too.  Insulation rating should be -60 or higher.   Our parkas  can go on top of your jackets and other layers for dog sledding or  snowmobiling. Bring hand and toe warmers to put into your boots and  mitts.  They are called “Hot Shots” or “Little Hotties” and are  available in sports stores and other places as well - even at Costco,  but may be a different brand!  These don't last too long in the cold so  bring quite a few of them.   They are soo nice!