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Arctic Chalet Resort & Adventure Tours Arctic Chalet Resort & Adventure Tours

Dempster all the Way North!

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Welcome to Inuvik and the Northwest Territories

 The Arctic Chalet is dedicated to providing tourists and business travelers coming to Inuvik, with  comfortable, clean, accommodations in a charming northern setting surrounded by the beauties of nature.  We hope that we can help you to have a wonderful time during your visit to the beautiful Canadian Arctic.  It was our love of the north, the land and the people that inspired us to develop our property into a year-round lodging and tourist facility so that we could share this wonderful and unique place with you.  


Let us Introduce Ourselves

Olav is a retired aeronautical engineer, licensed aircraft mechanic and bush pilot who worked in the arctic for more than thirty-five years and has flown tourists to the North Pole four times! In his early twenties Olav immigrated to Canada from his homeland in Norway after attending a private college in Great Britain. As a young boy his favorite hobby was building model airplanes and later models which he could fly, often crashing them and then patiently putting them back together. Winning competitions now and then made it all worthwhile. By the time he was 15 he was an honest-to-goodness pilot flying real airplanes and learning how to build them, which he still enjoys doing in his spare time.  Although Olav is retired from commercial aviation he now stays more than just busy rebuilding cabins, building dog sleds, bridges and trails, looking after our rental cars, doing maintenance work and grooming dog sled trails in the winter with his big Alpina Sherpa snowmobile.  His favorite job is driving tourists up and down the Dempster Highway and on other remote northern roads such as the Aklavik ice highway and the new road to Tuktoyaktuk.  Coming from a Sami heritage Olav also enjoys taking tourists to see the famous Canadian reindeer herd up in their winter grazing area north of Inuvik.  



Judi is an American who was born in Switzerland where she spent the first six years of her life in the shadow of the Swiss Alps.  (Maybe that is why Judi has a passion for going to the Richardson Mountains in the summer to look at wild flowers.)  The following eight years were spent growing up with her missionary family in Montevideo, Uruguay where she spent lots of time riding horses on the beaches and playing with her dog. The countless hours spent training her Boxer to do tricks, trying to teach him to pull carts and teaching him to be obedient prepared her for something that was beyond her wildest dreams; training her own huskies in the Arctic for dog sledding adventures!  Judi enjoys sharing her love for nature and the out of doors with guests staying at the Arctic Chalet and with others who come to the Arctic from all over the world for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  Judi's favorite job is guiding dog sled tours with her beautiful white huskies right from her back yard into a winter wonderland.  There's no place she would rather be than in the Canadian Arctic!

We can truly say that we love life, enjoy what we do and feel that it is a privilege to live here. Whether it be summer or winter please allow us to be your hosts during your brief stay in this special place.