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Delta Flight

Take a short flight in a small Cessna airplane over the amazing Mackenzie River water systems and see what really makes up this spectacular Delta. The plane will land in Aklavik and hold for up to one hour giving you some time to walk around the town a bit before flying back to Inuvik.   If we have less than 3 people for the flight that day we will put you on the scheduled flight to Aklavik and you will get only 15-20 minutes on the ground.  Either way you will get a bird's eye view of the beautiful Mackenzie Delta.  1-2 Hours  $350 per person

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Flying is a big part of northern transportation.  Why not enjoy some flying after all that driving!

Flying to Herschel Island is Spectacular!

Flying Tour to HERSCHEL ISLAND in a Twin Otter

Spectacular flight!  Spectacular place!
$1,050 per person plus GST (5%)
July & August
Herschel Island is a Yukon Territorial Park located in the Arctic Ocean only a few kilometers north of Ivvavik National Park and the beautiful British Mountains.  This tour is the ultimate Arctic tour if you love nature, history and remote places!  July is the best time for observing flowers and birds.  You will be flying a very scenic route for about 1.5 hours each way in a twin otter airplane on tundra tires from Inuvik to this beautiful little island in the Beaufort Sea. This flight offers you a great opportunity to view a variety of wild life along the way, such as moose feeding in the Mackenzie Delta, caribou grazing near the coast, beluga whales swimming in the ocean as well as grizzly bears and even muskox, some of which have been living right on the Island for several summers. You land right on the beach!  Upon landing you will be met by the park rangers who will give you a brief tour of the historical buildings reminiscent of the days when Herschel Island was a center for hunting the bow head whales. This is not only a place of historical value; it is a paradise for nature lovers and bird watchers.  The bird life is incredible with many birds nesting close to the buildings in early summer. Plants and wildflowers grow lusciously in this special environment which is conducive to plant growth.  You will be  given 3-4 hours to explore the island before returning to Inuvik.  All in all the tour is about 7 hours.  Group size is 6-15 people.   We can add you to our ongoing list of HERSCHEL ISLAND dreamers!   You don't have to have 6 people in your group but the more the better the chance of this tour flying.
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